The Host: Steven Tyler

After a successful career in marketing and customer experience I realized that I wanted to change the trajectory of my work and life. As much as I enjoyed my corporate career, I often thought of it as a distraction from the work I really love.

As early as I can remember I was helping my father build and fix things around the house, and as an adult my weekends and evenings were often spent making home repairs for friends or working on personal home projects. After several years of consideration, I chose to leave what had been my dream job to pursue the work I love. I started a home service company called Fairly Handy.

My experience with Fairly Handy was the inspiration to start Know Indy. I have clients from all walks of life, and at least once a week I have a conversation with a client that fascinates me. Fairly Handy taught me that everyone has a story to tell and something valuable to share. The trick is being thoughtful enough to ask the right questions and patient enough to hear the answers.

I created Know Indy to make a public space for this type of conversation. I hope that listeners will be inspired by the good people doing their best right here in Indianapolis.

I am an avid runner, mediocre guitar player, amateur backpacker, and incompetent polymath. I live in downtown Indianapolis with my wife, Kristen, and two sons, Eli and Ben.